ADA Restroom Signs Height Requirements


  • Must be mounted on the latch side of the door
  • Must be between 48 and 60 inches measured from the finished floor to the bottom line of text


Restroom ADA Sign Placement Infographic

Situations like double doors, or doors where no wall space is available. The restroom ada sign may be mounted on the nearest adjacent wall to the door if this is the case. Tactile signs should be mounted with a clear floor space of 18 inches by 18 inches minimum is centered with the tactile characters on the sign; provided beyond the arc of the door swing.

California Title 24 Restroom Sign Height Requirements

In California, Restroom doors are required to have two signs, one on the door centered at 60 inches and one to the side of the door because of Title 24.

For men’s restrooms, a triangle sign must be on the door at a height of 60 inches.

For women restrooms, a circle sign must be on the doorat a height of 60 inches.

For unisex/neutral restrooms, a circle with a triangle inside of the circle sign must be on the doorat a height of 60 inches.

California Title 24 Restroom Signs Infographic

These geometric signs on the restroom door must be centered on the door at 60 inches height because of Title 24 in California.