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We make ordering ADA signs easy! Taking out the guesswork out of buying ADA Government compliant signs and giving the best service is our specialty. We produce in Georgia USA and sell Braille signs, office signs, restroom signs, and building signs quickly. Offering only the bset top-notch professional quality. We deliver quality braille signage on time for your business!

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  • President George H. W. Bush signs the ADA into law 1990

    When was the ADA Signed into Law?

    1990 – American with Disabilities Act (ADA) The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law on July 26, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush. It prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities while also giving them same opportunities as everyone else. Enjoy Employment opportunities To participate in State and Local governments services and programs […]

  • Difference between visual information and tactile characters

    What is a Tactile Character?

    Answer: Tactile characters are designed to be read by touch, and should not have abrasive or sharp edges. They are used to help the impaired and disabled with laws such as ADA (American with Disabilities Act) What is different between visual characters and tactile characters? Answer: Visual readers need different strokes with characters, such as […]

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  • President George H. W. Bush signs the ADA into law 1990

    What Does ADA Signs Mean?

    People also ask us about the purpose of ADA Signs. What does ADA stand for? Are they required? Where are they required? So we want to answer those questions more directly with our new articles being published. People Ask: What does ADA signs mean?Answer: The Americans with Disabilities Act is a law the regulates accessibility. […]

  • 703.4.1 Height of Tactile Characters above finish floor or ground for ada signs

    What is the Installation Height and Location for ADA Signs?

    People also ask: What is ADA Height for Signage? Answer: The ADA sign should be located a minimum of 48 inches above the finish floor or ground surface. It should be measured from the baseline of the lowest tactile character and 60 inches maximum above the finish floor to the baseline of the highest tactile […]